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Wanna become the FootBall Scout or wanna take it to the next level. Find out how to succeed en become to the top. Do you have what it takes, are you ready to take the challenge……..find out yourself.

How the Irish FA is helping to confront mental health problems
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Features & Benefits that FootNex offers You

Show Yourself

Set up a football profile. You can add photos and videos, and share everything in just a few clicks with all your football network and others.


Set up a Network

Find and connect with football contacts like new Players, Coaches, Agents and Clubs. FootNex will provide you with tips to expand your football network worldwide.


Follow Interesting Contacts like Clubs and Players and Coaches

It’s easy to follow Clubs, Players, Coaches and interesting contacts. All your network’s latest career updates appear automatically on your dashboard, while people connected to you or following you are updated on your career in the same way. Also you can add members and follow them from your dashboard, so you can find that hidden Gen.

Know More, At Every Level

Not just statics but inside information as well – straight from the Clubs and their networks. At every level, worldwide.

Interesting Opportunities Are Never Far Away

Players, Coaches, Clubs, Agents and Scouts can publish free transfer opportunities, and could also discover using ‘ ‘Advanced search’ to look for specific characteristics: position, country, league, football skills, etc. then get in touch with them, and who knows, maybe you will find the Next SuperStar.


Your Football Contacts Are Nearby

Your complete football network, all in one place and easy to reach. Stay in touch by connect to others and share information anywhere all over the world.

Promote Your Services

Promote your services on your profile page. You’re also given as the Scout on the profile pages of the Players and Coaches you represent. They’re able to contact you easily, and you gain extra traffic to your website. Also you have the possibility to set up events.

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